Sophia Austin

2D Animator, Storyboarder, Character Designer

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Hey there! I’m Sophia, also known by my online handle, TawnySoup. I’m a Scotland-based 2D animator and storyboarder who has a great interest in visual storytelling. I’m a jack-of-most-trades, but I enjoy animation, writing and storyboarding primarily, and I’m always looking to challenge and improve myself.

I’ve worked on multiple group film projects including the award-nominated short film, “Fox Fires,” which currently sits at 3 million+ views on youtube, as well as the student short film “The Walk.” I also entirely produce and manage a webcomic series called “Timezone,” a comic that’s been running since 2016!

I recently graduated from DJCAD with a 1st Class Bachelor’s Degree in Animation BA (Hons), and I’m currently on the lookout for work/an internship beginning Summer 2020, preferably remote. Think I’ll be a good fit for your team? Please shoot me an email!

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