Sophia Austin

2D Animator, Storyboarder, Comics Artist, Character Designer

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Hey there! I’m Sophia, also known by my online handle, TawnySoup. I’m a Scotland-based 2D animator and storyboarder who has a great interest in visual storytelling. I’m a jack-of-most-trades, but I enjoy animation, writing and storyboarding primarily, and I’m always looking to challenge and improve myself.

I’ve worked on the Sky Kids series “Tom Gates”, as well as multiple group film projects including the award-nominated short film, “Fox Fires,” which currently sits at 5 million+ views on youtube, and the student short film “The Walk.” I also entirely produce and manage a webcomic series called “Timezone,” a comic that’s been running since 2016!

I graduated from DJCAD in 2020 with a 1st Class Bachelor’s Degree in Animation, and I’m currently working at Wild Child Animation in Stirling. I’ll be looking for work, preferrably remote, starting January 2022. Think I’ll be a good fit for your team? Shoot me an email!

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